Saturday, September 8, 2007

about me

a non conformist if u've ever met one

i believe dope is overrated, meditation gives u a cheaper high

i believe well written porn is are a good read when u r bored

i believe that some of the most interesting books are the gita, quran , the bible etc

that our society can't be called civilized till we ensure that no woman, child or man is forced into slavery or prostitution

that prostitution in itself is a bloody good business plan

that studies really do help

the sun shining makes us all happy

the ocean really calms u down

the birds chirping make the best music

if u catch me in my underwear don't expect me to be embarrassed

if u catch me watching BDSM don't be non plussed, i like it

if u catch me cooking, be sure to taste it, i cook well

we can build a better society by just being happy

we can do much better than buying cars by building our own

we are in fact doomed to die and that shouldn't scare u

getting a family like i have makes me very very lucky

getting to know a nice person like nat has made me a better person

getting good pals is worth more than all the money this world could offer

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