Tuesday, January 22, 2008

about me 2

The old abt me had been up here for quite some time like a weathered sail whose seen many stormy seas...

T.J.: Sex was really easy. There was sex everywhere. It didn't really mean too much. Love, love was the hard thing to find. Even if you were looking for it, which not too many people were. And even if you found it, which not too many people did, even if it was right there in front of you. No; how could you see it with all the sex in the way?

So here goes a new one (the old one now rests in my blog)

Many a people this face will meet
Some exploring the depths of meditation
Some wanting to feel real passion
Some wanting to die of exhilaration
Some wanting to set fire to this world of turbulation

There'll be souls interested in discussing Schroedenger's cat experiment
Whilst some may be into soles, fetish, bdsm and other sexual lifestyles untold
There'll be others trying to prove the butterfly effect
whilst some who would want to replicate the pattern on clothes, handbags, carpets and all

Ahead of us all lie challenges galore
To climb the everest
To write Tales of urban folk lore
To create art or improve science
Or to just find happiness in existence

And in all this we will find
People who hate
People who love
People whose views differ and judge us
People whose support makes u ten times strong

In all of this melee we all fit in
Decoding the mysteries of this life
and enjoying the happiness and pains as they come
So be it for you, so be it for me

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