Monday, April 14, 2008

The Empty Dock & the lost Ship

I have walked a long part of this life
wondering if there is a gentle hand
against which mine shall rub
one fine foggy morning
and through distance and time
the one who I have been looking for
shall find me just by chance

And as I despair and lie awake
wondering if her boat will ever find this dock
Not knowing what she is looking for
or a map that would lead her home
it seems a frail chance
we may have passed by each other already
or may never cross each others path
what if the boat is always lost
what if this dock is always empty


  1. ahahahha.. sorry.. but the poem reminded seriously reminded me of dil toh pagal hai...
    and well, as per your the lost boat and the empty dock: the lost boat, broken not shall reach somewhere, even if as a log of wood, incompelete, tired. But that is when the meaning remains in someone else..... so, carry on, row on...

  2. Very poignant :)

    Can I suggest something? I think you are amazingly creative when penning down your verses, but you seem to care very little for the title you choose for your poems :D Please don't mind me saying that :)