Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The man

I am what I am and that's Why I am the Man

I may not have the strengths of ten oxen
And me by your side won't look like u got a trophy
And i don't even have a tank gun between my legs
What to tell you, i dont even care if you and i are rich

I may earn some dough and it may be good
But one day i might just ask you to pack bags
And move wid family to a farm somewhere
I hope you're good wid milking cows

I may be cuddly
Heck I may spank
And your heels might make me wanna wank
But you never know a movie might even make me shed a tear

I may carry your bags and smile
And say what the heck spend all u like
I may even cook your breakfast in bed
But don't be surprised when i crib

I pick my nose
I throw my socks
And i could give up those
But i'll still burp loud

I'll make u smile
And make even the most stressful times feel like a laugh
Heck you'll never know when you're gonna be asked for a dance
But as unlikely it may seem, am sure you're gonna cry too

As gentlemanly nice as i am
Am sure you'll see that i am a jerk too
And i hope u can love them both
Coz I am what I am, and that's why u shud want me to be your man


  1. I'd want a man to be both a gentleman and a jerk. Or else he cant be a MAN.

    He may then be just a an ass? LOL!

    *HUGZ* loved it!

    So when r ya gonna take me to that farm?


  2. man that was brilliant! ofcourse , luv is alwz complete, it cnt bear the burden of if's & but's

  3. Hey that was nice!You said it there in a blunt but sweet way :)

    One should love another for what they are,not what they want them to be.That's true love.

  4. Nice description of being a man.

  5. "unreasonable but never wrong"
    Very well written...As they say, all's fair in love...

  6. GOOD...the poem shows who u really are :)