Saturday, April 21, 2007


life's anguishes leave one so forlorn
in the search for glory for comfort and love
it is not so much about finding oneself
but being able to live with that person
through the ride up in the vitories and shouts of joy
into those moments of uninspired trepidation

where from we come and where to we go
nay i do not know these answers
but in the moment that is life
i would very well do if you could tell me
what do i lust for, for what do i fight
for in my own thought everything is zulu

this world
and yet we continue to wander
forlorn and aimless in our flight

1 comment:

  1. for finding an aim,
    might become an aim...
    for sometimes,
    aimlessness is the aim.
    not to find it,
    but be lost...
    for before the zulu,
    and long after it
    remains the zilch...
    the aimlessness,
    the zero,
    the divine
    and me...
    and you...
    find aimlessness,
    rest everything would follow....