Wednesday, June 27, 2007

being free

there is only one thing that i fear
and no it is not the sky falling on our heads
it is not dying for death will come to everyone
i fear fear itself, for the only thing that can destroy me is the sickness called fear
fear is what makes a man wary of another
fear is what makes a serpent strike at you
i would rather fear not whether i am right or wrong
for my heart is pure and if my convictions are erroneous
so shall i suffer and correct but not fear
for fear shall leave me devoid of convictions
it is that villain which destroys a persons peace and calm
it is the fear of being a bad lover
that prevents one for caring for another
it is the fear of losing that breeds stink in politics
no i fear not what the ages hold for me
for as long as i'm without fear i have the strength
to breathe deep and easy
to breathe of honesty
to breathe of happiness
to breathe free
i was born free
i shall remain so

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