Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A deeper sound

even at this 'grown up' age
there are times when i feel
helpless and lost
when my strengths seem missing
and my weaknesses are playing their cards
in those moments of agony
i look forward to hearing a sound
a sound that will tell me everythings gonna be ok
and even though i have never heard that sound
i have felt u do things for me
and said here is the chance u had asked me for
now show me what u can do and make me proud
and though i have faltered almost everytime
even on those
it seems you haven't given up on me
thanks for being the confidence i dont have
thanks for being the deeper sound that i can't hear


  1. i believe he never gives up on us, helping us and showing us the way whenever we are helpless, in need of a path.


  2. i like the thought but not very sure of last two lines...

    "thanks for being the confidence i dont have" to me contradicts "thanks for being the deeper sound that i can't hear"

    the former, as i understand it, shows greater confidence on Him but the latter connotes a negative meaning?