Sunday, December 7, 2008

give in, into love

when warmth is all that you want
and they try and barter you the world
when a hug is all you need
the world doesnt work...a single person is wat goes

when time flies
round and round and thoughts get entangled
and u find that u r tired of it all
that what came to u at the what should've been there all along

when love is all that i want
why do u think anything else will work
i need someone who will give me the attention
when it requires u to lose...why are u still hung up on being in control


  1. Loved the piece here.
    Am glad to visit here.

  2. I'm outta words...this one got me teary eyed...just few words but they spoke volumes...we may trade all the treasures in the world, still we'll forever long for that hug and that warmth...